Epilogue Part 1:


TO bellaserata@dmail.net
FROM rupabell@grandviewdental.com
 Hey…it’s Ryan. Just using Rupa’s email account, but mom probably already let you know. Rupa and baby are fine. It’s a girl. Anita Rose. 6 pounds 3 ounces. Labour was pretty bad…22 hours. Were some complications but she’s fine now. Doesn’t look like any more kids after this though. 

She’s real cute. Curly light brown hair and hazel eyes. Really white tho. Strange. Gang’s all here. I can’t handle fucking Kat though. Even Aunty Lou came up. Guess her and dad have patched things up. 

When you coming home next? Christmas? 


TO collybell@dmail.net, Nedbell21@goal.com, rupabell@grandviewdental.com, bellaserata@dmail.net
FROM Katnotcat@dmail.net
SUBJECT Some sad news
 Hello everyone,

I hope you are all healthy and in good spirits and that the Lord is blessing your lifes. Sadly, Wesley and I had to put poor Lucky to rest yesterday. The vet insisted that he was in too much pain. We are struggling, but God is giving us the strength to carry on. Please pray for us too.

I am a true believer that our pets will be waiting for us in Heaven. I know some people may disagree with me, but I don’t think the good Lord would punish his children by not letting us see Lucky once again when we reach those pearly gates.

We are going to have a small memorial for Lucky tomorrow afternoon. I know you probably cannot come down. Please don’t send flowers, but instead you can send a donation to the RSPCA in dear Lucky’s name.

I have just cried too much and don’t know how I will ever fill the avoid that Lucky has left in our lifes. Wesley has suggested we get another dog, but I persuaded him to wait out of honour of Lucky’s memory.

Thank you for your prayers and wishes.

Kat and Wesley

p.s. I started crying again just now because I realize I can’t add Lucky’s name above anymore!


TO bellaserata@dmail.net
FROM tifferbell@goal.com
SUBJECT It’s me!
 Dad watched some stupid thing on TV and says I have to let him know my password for my email now. Gosh, he has to know everything I do! One time I was on Facebook and he sees it and he says I can’t have my own account because too much bad stuff happens on there. It is so stupid because I am almost 13 now. He thinks I am still a little kid. But my mom said I could have one when I am 13 so he can’t stop me then. And Rupa says I can maybe babysit for Anita when I am 14. That would be cool because she is soooo cute! She has really curly hair and looks like aunty accept she’s really white. I am going up to my dad’s house this weekend because my mom and stepdad have a date night. I don’t like that guy. He smells like medicine all the time because he works at the drug store. He has three other kids to and they are brats. My stepdad says maybe that are coming to live with us and I told mom I don’t want them moving in with us and she got real mad. But Ill just go live with my dad if they move in here. But don’t tell my dad that yet. Promiese!!!!!!!

Love, Tiffany

p.s. When are you coming home for a visit? Are you coming for Christmas?


TO bellaserata@dmail.net
FROM collybell@dmail.net
Just got back from the church. Am helping out setting up for the fall festival. I carved some jack-o-lanterns for it. Lavelle and I carved about 20 of them. Then that old Mrs. Driessen comes in and says “we agreed at the planning committee that this is not a HALLOWEEN party because of its pagan roots.” She wanted us to chuck out all the jack-o-lanterns!  So Lavelle says “jack-o-lanterns” are not heathen or pagan. Anyway, she insisted we chuck them all out!  Honestly, what is wrong with some people?

Your dad has started volunteering down at the Sally Ann. He brings over twice the amount of junk he did when he lived here now. He says he started volunteering because he needed something to do…but I think we all know what the truth is about that. Honestly, half the “c%&p” he brings over I cannot sell. Nobody is going to buy that stuff. And now I can’t even get the car into the garage. I told Joanne about it. Of course she doesn’t want all this junk at her place either, and I can’t blame her. So I think we are all going to chip in and get him one of those garden sheds for Christmas. Just hope Joanne will let him keep it at THEIR place.

Rupa is back to work already. Did I tell you they hired a nanny? Honestly, I don’t see why she can’t take a year off to take care of her baby. Cute little thing though. Her folks were up the other week, and I guess her mom had a FIT when she heard she was going back to work already. Her mother offered to move up and live with them for a year and take care of the baby!  Haha. That idea didn’t go over too well.

Looks like Tiffany may move up and stay with Ned for a while. Linda’s new guy has kids already and don’t know how well they are all getting along. I am kind of happy about that. Nice to have her around. Guess she left her email account open the other day and Ned sees all these emails from a boy. Guess the kid is 14!  He had a fit.

Well, better go and check my E-bay.

Love, Mom

p.s. You still haven’t told me about your Christmas plans. Give me best to Bob.


TO bellaserata@dmail.net
FROM Joanne3247@zmail.co.ca
SUBJECT Greetings…
Hello Sara,

Got your e-mail address from your mom…hope you don’t mind. I’m going to have Christmas at my place this year. My daughter may be coming up from the coast if she gets the time off, and I think your Aunty Lou will be here also. We would love it if you and Bob could join us. Your mother said that Kay and Wes will be coming and your cousin Landon too. The plan is to have Christmas Eve at your mom’s and then Christmas Day here. And Rupa says she will have a light meal in the afternoon on Boxing Day…mostly leftovers I imagine.  

Anyway, let me know as soon as possible if the two of you are able to make it. As there will be quite a crowd here, I am delegating different people to bring or prepare different things. As you and Bob are travelling from out-of-country, I won’t ask you to cook anything. But perhaps you could provide an assortment of fresh vegetables and dips? It shouldn’t be too much trouble. I just thought it would be nice to have something like that as a palate cleanser. Just don’t get one of those ready-to-serve platters from the grocery store as I have found they are not as fresh.

Also, as many in the family are on a tight budget these days, I thought it might be a good idea if we just did stockings and forego presents under the tree. So, I suggest each person spends $10 on stocking-stuffers for each person. So the list would be as follows:




Landon (he has said nothing about bringing a guest)






Baby Anita

Aunty Lou



My daughter (hasn’t confirmed yet)